Ultimate Dinosaur Fighting – Pimp my Dinosaur

Ultimate Dinosaur Fighting is a board game from the family run business Dark Cult Games.

It was originally a kickstarter funded project that can be found here.

The game is very straight forward and involves a number of players moving their chosen dinosaurs around a hexed board and then revealing action cards which dictate what each dinosaur is doing.

The game came with a bunchload of cool cards and terrain features and a rather nifty though sometimes difficult to navigate rule book.The dinosaur figures left alot to be desired however.

However the game itself is alot of fun to play. There is something about the game which literally takes me back to my childhood pitting dinosaur against dinoasur. The roar of the Triceritops, the charge of the raptor and the terror that is the Tyrannysaurus rex!!!!

All of this feel is in the game and you can even add cybertech and bio-gentic weaponry to your dino’s for that more futuristic look. I enjoyed the game so much that I decided to modify the core parts.

I purchased bigger toy dinosaurs and even aquired/painted big wooden Hex’s with which to play them on. The result was a instant hit and all of my friends admit the game has been added too with the new Pimped version I have setup.

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A year of Gaming

So I have not been posting for like a year and I thought as part of my comitment to post more I would let you know what I have been doing all year.

The first change in gaming this year was the continued development of what I like to call Project Who. My friend and I have been working with the old community based rule system for Dr Who miniatures and have been developing our own Rules amendments, point system and scenario rules.

This has basically meant that each week we have been having fun playing the wold Dr who Miniatures game built by Graeme Dawson back in 2008.  Here are some pictures of us doing this.

We hope to post up the write up of the new rules when completed.

In addition I have returned after somewhat 15 years to WH40K with the release of the 8th Edition version. I have played 4 games of Warhammer 40k in the year and have won 2 of them. The very first game I played I was beaten very convincingly and it was made very clear to me that I needed to re-organise and update my army.

Here are some pictures of what I got up to.

I have also continued to Role Play and have developed three individual groups that I am involved in. The first is a Monthly Pathfinder group the stories of which I will continue to post.

The other two groups are a Friday group and a Thursday Group which I intend to do serperate reports on. In addition to this I have been to three further Stabcon gaming events and have played a huge amount of Board games.

Games include…

  • Lords of Waterdeep
  • Talismen 4th edition
  • Dead of winter
  • Ultimate Dinosaur fighting
  • Oregan
  • Quartermaster General

and many many more.

I will be posting a list of my current games and begin including regular game experiences.

Finally I have recently been involved in the Elite Dangerous Community and have been hammering out all the game has to offer. Again look out for future posts regarding wwhat is happening with that.

Until them gamers… keep watching the site.


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The Campaign, the Story – Chapters 1 & 2

So I am DM a Pathfinder game for some friends every month.  The game has been running for about a year and one of the players is a good freind of mine who is literally Role Playing for the first time.

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Orks…40k and 15 years away from the table

So when I was in my Twenties I was into Warhammer 40k. I played endless games with my friends as we smashed Orks against Space marines over and over again. Then I got a little annoyed at Games Workshop and went on to other geeky stuff.

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Tales of the Northern Folk

Another article written by the Bard and Scholar Barnstable Wainright as he travels the lands Excelsior.

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The Sabotage Gaming System

Every DM or GM at some point has gotten frustrated with the gaming system they are using and decided to go it alone and make their own. Sabotage started out as a collaberation between three gamers who wanted a space faring gaming system that met their Role Playing needs, somewhat 15 years a go.

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The Religions of Excelsior

The fantasy campaign of Excelsior is literally growing and enveloping around the players and their characters. I have often said that a world should literally bloom from what the characters learn about the campaign setting they are playing in.

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Empire of the Dead

Twas a rather splendid day the glorious Mr and Mrs Gibson invited us round for a spot of battle and mayhem, steam punk style. My good friend Mathew and I found ourselves in the gaming room of the Gibsons, for a jolly spiffing time playing the rather good show that is “Empire of the Dead” 28mm victorian skirmish game.

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Pathfinder – The Bard Wainright

As part of my gaming I run a Pathfinder d20 campaign with some good friends of mine. The game is run in the world of Excelsior. To answer my players questions about the world they are based in and to enrich the world around them I invented the Non Player Character Barnstable Wainright. Wainright is a scholar and a Bard who travels the lands where the adventures are set and writes about the kingdom and how it works.

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Sons of the Blade

Sons of the blade was the name of our adventure group in a campaign based in the dark lands of ravenloft. We were lucky to have a DM who really knew the rifts well and he ran us through alot of the published adventures.

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