The Religions of Excelsior

The fantasy campaign of Excelsior is literally growing and enveloping around the players and their characters. I have often said that a world should literally bloom from what the characters learn about the campaign setting they are playing in.

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Empire of the Dead

Twas a rather splendid day the glorious Mr and Mrs Gibson invited us round for a spot of battle and mayhem, steam punk style. My good friend Mathew and I found ourselves in the gaming room of the Gibsons, for a jolly spiffing time playing the rather good show that is “Empire of the Dead” 28mm victorian skirmish game.

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Pathfinder – The Bard Wainright

As part of my gaming I run a Pathfinder d20 campaign with some good friends of mine. The game is run in the world of Excelsior. To answer my players questions about the world they are based in and to enrich the world around them I invented the Non Player Character Barnstable Wainright. Wainright is a scholar and a Bard who travels the lands where the adventures are set and writes about the kingdom and how it works.

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Sons of the Blade

Sons of the blade was the name of our adventure group in a campaign based in the dark lands of ravenloft. We were lucky to have a DM who really knew the rifts well and he ran us through alot of the published adventures.

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Summer Stabcon 2016

What better way to enjoy this spendid english weather by donning my shorts and T-shirt and staying firmly indoors for Three Days straight along with 0ver 250 other avid gamers. Yes you guessed it this little piggy just returned from the pilgrimage which is the Bi-Annual gaming event Stabcon.

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The Scarlet Warrior Vibe goes Live

Congratulations you have come across the soon to be vibrant and exciting web experience of the Scarlet warrior gaming guild. This is a regulary updated spot on the web where myself and a group of like minded geeks, geekettes and gaming fun loving pirates blog, document and share their experiences, content, creations and all round rants about anything to do with the Geeky world of being a Gamer.

Be it Online Games, role playing games, board games, solo “choose your own adventure” games and whatever infests the gamers lifestyle from Books, Movies and TV series we will be talking about it here on this blog.

Please register your RSS with us and add us to your favourites. If you want to become a member of the guild and add your own content to the site, then send me a e-mail to and I will revue your application.

Until then onwards and upwards people.

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